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Four Warriors FULL MOVIE

Four Warriors FULL MOVIE image
Date Uploaded: 4 years ago (2014-06-19)
Recently Watched: few hours ago @ 14:58:44
Actors: Deng Chao Liu Yifei Collin Chou Ronald Cheng Antho
Release Date: July 2012
Video Gener: Action
IMDB Ratings: Four Warriors FULL MOVIE video rating 77 out of 10
The Four is a 2012 Chinese-Hong Kong wuxia film directed by Gordon Chan and Janet Chun. It is the first film adaptation of Wen Ruian's novel series Si Da Ming Bu  The Four Great Constables), which has previously been adapted to a television series. In all adaptations and interpretations, the nicknames of the Four remained the same — Emotionless, Iron Hands, Life Snatcher and Cold Blood. They dedicated their special skills to the service of their chief, Master Zhuge, in solving crimes and apprehending powerful criminals. Country China Hong Kong Budget RMB80 million ($12.5 million) Gordon Chan Janet Chun Produced by Gordon Chan Music by Henry Lai

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