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/gaza-strip Hit news Videos collected by Hit TV Channels from various /gaza-strip media sites.

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Microsoft and Nokia complete mobile phone unit dea

Microsoft sends decaying apple to Apple users

JAL Dreamliner lands on one engine after oil press

Feeling glum, happy, aroused New technology can de

Japanese fishermen capture Dolphins ahead of slaug

China building second Aircraft carrier

Japan food pesticide scare Factory worker arrested

ALERT NEWS In Two Minutes Tetanus IMF Warning

President Obama urges peace in Gaza Strip

Israel Launches Massive Ground Invasion On Hamas

Israel Launches Ground Operation In Gaza Strip

[Balitaan] Alert Level 3, itinaas ng DFA sa Gaza S

Israeli onslaught in the Gaza Strip is genocide

Blackouts continue in Gaza Strip - Press TV News

Israel to intensify attacks on the Gaza Strip

[News@6] DFA, hinikayat ang mga Pilipino sa Gaza S

Israel Pummels the Gaza Strip

Israeli Jets Carry Out Over Two Dozen Airstrikes O

Jet stream shift could prompt harsher winters scie

Japanese architect Shigeru Ban wins 2014 Pritzker

NBA owners agree to force sale of LA Clippers BR

Man vs Machine Who wins history's nerdiest battle

Black Box Detector Joining Malaysia Jet Search B

McDonald's to go US fast food chain shuts doors i

Marking its territory Leopard stalks Indian city,

Google unveils Smartphone with 3D sensors

Footballer turns lifesaver in Ukraine BREAKING N

Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner hacked with glue mou

Israel strikes 10 militant sites in Gaza Strip

Greek statue found in Gaza

Earthquake hits near Solomon Islands BREAKING NE

Australia's first banknote fetches $310,000 BRE